Réseaux et plateformes

The use of networks to elicit information about agents’ characteristics, either by constructing mechanisms where agents report on their neighbors or mechanisms where agents reveal their position in a network; “network interdiction” pitting an attacker (whose objective is to capture nodes) against a defender (who protects nodes and designs the network); markets for intermediation and platforms using the theory of two-sided markets, with an interest in various forms of exchange for personal data and the impact on market structure and advertising; contagion in financial networks; optimal targeting strategies in networks; cascading failures on networks; models of anti-conformity and conformity (threshold models, aggregation models, signed graphs); contagion on infinite networks; opinion formation and network formation by homophily; ranking methods and their axiomatic characterizations; opinion dynamics; strategic network formation and externalities; favoritism and influence in organizations; existence and refinements of pairwise stable networks; dynamic competition on social networks.

Chercheurs : Philippe Bich, Francis Bloch, Bernard Caillaud, Gabrielle Demange, Michel Grabisch, Matt Leduc, Antoine Mandel, Agnieszka Rusinowska, Nikhil Vellodi, Xavier Venel