Learning in strategic environments under various feedback

Holder: Jean-Marc Tallon (PSE / CNRS)


Starting in: January 2020 – Ending in: December 2020

The theme of this project is the study of learning in strategic environments, from a perspective at the interface between cognitive science and economics. Since both disciplines study how individuals make decisions, it is natural to find common ground to study the learning process that shapes individuals’ decisions. This proposal will focus on how learning will depend on the strategic environment (the games played) and the feedback available to individuals, and how individuals might themselves choose this feedback. The project will be both experimental and theoretical.

ANR StratCom – Disseminating Information in the Presence of Limited Rationality and Complex Transmission Channels

Holder: Frédéric Koessler (PSE / CNRS)

Funding:Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR)

This project aims to study the role of limited rationality and complex communication channels on the dissemination of information to decision-makers and markets.

ANR ORA AmbiDyn – Ambiguity in Dynamic Interactions

Holder: Jean-Marc Tallon (PSE / Univ. Paris 1)

Funding:Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR)

Start in: January 2019 – End in: June 2022

The main theme of this joint project is the role of Knight’s uncertainty in dynamic economic environments, from strategic interactions (games) to markets (competition).

ANR MaRine – Networks risks management

Holder: Francis Bloch (PSE / Univ. Paris 1)

Funding:Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR)

Start in: October 2018 – End in: March 2022

This project aims to study the impact of socio-economic networks on risk management, economic development and inequalities, focusing on the role of networks in protecting people against risks and on the transmission of information.


Holder: Gabrielle Demange (PSE / EHESS)

Funding:Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR)

Start in: October 2018 – End in: March 2022

This project studies the financial infrastructure including risk and regulation.

Learning through categories in social and economic interactions

Holder: Philippe Jehiel (PSE / Ecole des Ponts)

Funding:European Research Coucil (ERC)

Start in: January 2018 – End in: December 2022

LTCSEI will study the many principles that govern the choice of analogies: lack of accessibility of information missing from previous operations, similarities observed in previous interactions, groupings of interactions into similar categories through action analysis or ethical considerations.

Master “Governance and anti-corruption”

Holder: Ariane Lambert-Mogiliansky (PSE)

Funding:World Bank

Start in: April 2017 – End in: June 2021

This project has the financial support for the development of the multidisciplinary master entitled “Governance and Fight against Corruption” of the University of Carthage in Tunisia.

Study on the modalities of competitive bidding in banking and financial matters

Holder: Olivier Compte (PSE / Ecole des Ponts)

Funding: Agence centrale des organismes de sécurité sociale (ACOSS)

Satrt in: July 2009 – End in : April 2023

This project is studying ways of putting financial institutions out to tender with the aim of capitalizing on theoretical and prospective knowledge for Acoss within the framework of its financial missions.