The theory group at PSE brings together around thirty permanent researchersandtwenty PhD students. We are present on both campus (Jourdan and Maison des Sciences Economiques). The research done in theory at PSE covers a wide range of sub-domains. Topics include bounded rationality, decision theory, experimental economics, general equilibrium, game theory, mechanism and market design, network theory, and social choice. For more details, see Research.

The main seminars of the group are the Roy seminar in economic theory, the Parisian seminar in game theory, and the seminar TOM (Theory, Organization and Markets). The faculty is part of the editorial board of a host of journals (Econometrica, Review of Economic Studies, Theoretical Economics, Journal of Economic Theory, Games and Economic Behavior, Economic Theory, Journal of Mathematical Economics, Mathematical Social Sciences,…). It benefits from an array of grants (national and international) and regularly organizes events in Paris.

Our group is also managing numerous national and international grants: go to the Funding section.