General Equilibrium, Financial Markets and Welfare

Dynamic general equilibrium models with altruistic agents, and applications to political recommandations and efficient lockdown in case of an infectious disease; optimization techniques without convexities, augmented Bellman principles and recursive functionals in dynamic programming;  increasing returns to scale; regularity of equilibria; externalities and other-regarding preferences; economies with infinitely many commodities; incomplete markets and firm’s behavior; social tension order and rank-dependent taxation; planning of future consumptions with ordinal time discounting; applications of repeated games with incomplete information to dynamic pricing in financial markets.

Researchers: Jean-Marc Bonnisseau, Jean-Marc Bottazzi, Carmen Camacho-Perez, Alain Chateauneuf, Bernard Cornet, Elena del Mercato, Bernard de Meyer, Jean-Pierre Drugeon, Pascal Gourdel, Cuong Le Van